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moling water pipe

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Now that we’re in the cold winter season, it is very common for water pipes to burst or become frozen. To prevent this, it’s important to know a company who you can rely on for your water pipe repairs. For all your water pipe needs, Water Pipe Repair is the company for you.

If your water pipes outside are burst or frozen, it is possibly due to the cold temperatures. Burst or frozen pipes can be problematic and can cause chaos if not repaired in time, as it can lead to loss of pressure to your property. To avoid a situation like this from occurring, it is very important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Whilst excavation is used by most common water companies to install water pipes, here at Water Pipe Repair, one of our favored methods is moling. By using the impact molers, we can install water pipes with ease without disturbing the existing surface.


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What will it Cost Me to replace my water supply pipe by moling? The cost will depend on the length of your garden from the boundary of your property to the connection point inside your property this is simple just give us a call today and we can give you an exact price over the phone of what it would cost you to replace your water or lead pipes to a new blue MDPE pipe. All our work is fully guaranteed for 10-years.


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What is moling? An impact mole is an air-driven device which is positioned from a small excavation point on the property once our operator turns the moling compressor valve this will allow it to punch its way through the ground to the next excavation point which is approx 10-15m away, once our engineer sees the moler coming through the soil is compacted outwards to create a smooth, almost glazed, bore which allows the water pipes to be installed quickly, without an unsightly trench.


Apart from the small launch/receive pits, there is very little disruption and no visible piping Moling can create a bore under most surfaces or obstacles, lawns, hedges driveways, roads, ditches etc and can be used to install various pipes, cables or ducting.


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