Leak Detection Services

leak detection

We have Extensive knowledge in Leak Detection

Our Approved technicians are WIAPS approved Water Hygiene Card which are the industry standard and recognized throughout all Water Companies. We Offer a Leak Detection Services that is affordable and cost effective with no call out charges plus no hidden extra cost and a Guarantee fixed price that will help everyone with their problem.


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– Water Pipe Repair and Renewals
– Leak Detection and Repairs
– Lead Pipe Replacement
– Moling Services
– Burst Pipe Repairs
– Lead Pipe Repairs
– Moling New Water Pipe
– Installing New Water Pipe

We have many years experience in locating leaks on all internal and external pipe work for all Domestic & Commercial Leak Detection.


“We understand the importance of resolving problems quickly, and therefore offer a fast response to getting an Engineer to your property”


Domestic & Commercial Surveys Water Supply Pipes We Consider Ourselves The Leaders in Domestic & Commercial Leak Detection at the end of the survey, we will produce a report of the survey, and our recommendations for the problem rectification.


Leak Location Surveys: These are carried out when a customer has either had an excessively high water bill or been notified by their water authority that have a leak. Repair: Once the has been identify


We offer a service to repair the water service or water main. Once the works has been carried out the excavation is back-filled and reinstated. We will consider any job no matter how large or small it could be a simple repair or maybe you may require a full installation if so give us a call today.


Call Our Helpline Today on 0800 612 8038. Alternatively you can email us at info@waterpiperepair.co.uk