Lead Pipe Replacement

lead pipe replacement

lead pipe replacement and Water Pipe Repair has specialise moling equipment which allows us to carry out lead pipe replacement without the need to excavate, this technology allows us to install new 25mm or 32mm MDPE pipe work with out disturbing the existing surfaces. All our prices are fixed and all work is fully guaranteed for 10 years and also a certificate of approved installation.


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– Lead Pipe Repair and Renewals
– Leak Detection and Repairs
– Lead Pipe Replacement
– Burst Pipe Repairs
– Moling New Water Pipe
– Installing New Water Pipe


What will it Cost Me the cost to change my old Lead Pipe? This will depend on the length of your garden from the pavement boundary where the water company stop cock is normally situated, messure from this point back to the stopcock inside your property; where the stopcock is sometimes situated in the kitchen or under the stairs. At Water Pipe Repair, we are able to give you a fixed price, with no additional costs added. Take advantage of our low fixed price, simply give us a call on 0800 612 8038.


Replacing Water Lead Pipes we have specialize equipment that allows us to replace lead pipe or repair lead pipe work with out the need to excavate, which allows us to install new pipe work in one day with out disturbing the existing surfaces, all our work is guarantee and we supply you a certificate of approved insulation.


Changing  lead Water Pipe: W.P.R.S. can replace your  old corroded or lead pipe and install a new medium density Poly-Ethylene (MDPE) pipe, and carry out site surveys to identify leaks with use of ground listening equipment.


We are Specialists in all aspects of water Lead Pipe Replacement related issue, We have extensive experience in the water replacement industry, our experience allows us to understand the water network system.


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