Need Your Water Pipe Repair or Lead Pipe Replacement in Round Bush?

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We carry out many water pipe repair and lead pipe replacement plus leak detection in Round Bush that is affordable and cost effective with a guarantee fixed price and no call out charges plus no hidden extra cost added to your invoice.

"We understand the importance of resolving problems quickly, and therefore offer a fast response to getting an Engineer to your property"

Why Choose Us:

Take Advantage of Our Lead Pipe Renewal Services in Round Bush?

Our Approved technicians are WIAPS approved Water Hygiene Card which are the industry standard and recognized throughout all Water Companies. We Offer a Leak Detection Services that is affordable and cost effective with no call out charges plus no hidden extra cost and a Guarantee fixed price that will help everyone with their problem.

Leak Location Surveys: These are carried out when a customer has either had an excessively high water bill or been notified by their water authority that have a leak. Once the leak has been identified, we offer a service to repair the water service or water main.

Moling Water Pipes in Round Bush

What is moling? An impact mole is an air-driven device which is positioned from a small excavation point on the property once our operator turns the moling compressor valve this will allow it to punch its way through the ground to the next excavation point which is approx 10-15m away, once our engineer sees the moler coming through, the soil is compacted outwards to create a smooth, almost glazed, bore which allows the water pipes to be installed quickly, without an unsightly trench.

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Water Authority Areas Our Engineers Work In

Want To Change Your Old Lead Water Pipe in Round Bush?

We have specialize equipment that allows us to replace/repair lead pipe work or install new pipe work in one day with out the need to excavate or disturb the existing surfaces. All our work is guaranteed and supplied with a certificate of approved insulation.

W.P.R.S. can replace your old corroded or lead pipe and install a new medium density Poly-Ethylene (MDPE) pipe and carry out site surveys to identify leaks with use of ground listening equipment.

Water pipe repair have been replacing old lead water pipes and installing new ones in Round Bush and can install a new 25 or 32mm MDPE blue poly pipe without the need to excavate or disturb your property ground. We do this by the use of specially designed moling equipment which only require two small holes at the beginning and the end to be able to put the pipe in, take out the other end and connect it to the other end. This service is quick, effective and most of all low cost.

Why Should I Change My Old Lead Water Pipe in Round Bush? For Better Flow, Pressure and Cleaner Water

Guarantee fixed Prices in Round Bush, No Call Out Charges will be added to your invoice

Water Pipe Repair understand the importance of resolving your issues quickly therefore offer a fast response services to getting an Engineer to your property in Round Bush

"We have become a Highly Respected and Professional company by providing a high level of service and giving quality and value for money"

Water Pipe Repair offers its customers fixed price for installing water pipe pipes, our water pipe repair engineers can carry out new installation on a same day or next day service. All our installations come with a 10-year guarantee and a certified water authority certificate.

Water Services We Carry Out For Customers in Round Bush

  • Leak Detection in Round Bush
  • Moling Service in Round Bush
  • Lead pipe renewal in Round Bush
  • Water pipe renewals
  • Lead pipe replacement
  • Water pipe replacement in Round Bush
  • Domestic water pipe repairs
  • Burst pipe repair or renewal in Round Bush

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